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#dearbodyI am a 58 year- old grandmother of one and mother of two grown children.  I have endured multiple serious injuries, surgeries and systemic chronic illness including fibromyalgia, arthritis, hereditary conditions and more for thirty-one years.?  I have always seen a primary care doctor and have tried multiple therapies to deal with the injuries and illness I battle, but the one thing my doctors recommended the most was physical therapy.

To function, a person must be able to move and physical therapy helps me not just move, but move with improved function and less pain.    I use manual/soft tissue work, therapeutic exercise and a PT exercise program in the warm water pool.

My results:  I can’t give you specific numbers, or percentages of improvement, you can check with my doctors for that, but yesterday I took my 1and a half-year-old grandson to the park and I was able to lift him into the swing and take him out again.  I couldn’t do that a few months ago.  Physical therapy is giving me pieces of my life back that I haven’t been able to enjoy in years.  Struggling with everyday pain and immobility left me in despair.  PT has given me back moments of joy, like being able to lift my grandson into a swing, see him smile, laugh and yell “More, more!”

I have lived in 6 different cities in four different states and all Physical Therapy clinics are not the same!  Many clinics, even those associated with nation-wide affiliations do not offer the time and individualized attention that Optimal Physical therapy does.  The treatment I receive at Optimal is above and beyond anything I have experienced before.  They do a very thorough assessment and constantly evolve my treatment to get the best results.

Even though I have lived in larger cities with giant clinics, they did not offer warm water pool work-outs for the patients.  I was astounded by the top-notch gym providing a roomy and comfortable space filled with phenomenal equipment. 

My experience at Optimal has been very different.  If an exercise, soft tissue work or other therapy doesn’t offer the relief the doctors and therapists expected, they find therapy tailored just for me and my abilities immediately.  I have also been evaluated at regular intervals to make sure that I am progressing and tolerating the therapy as I should.

I have been fighting so many physical disabilities for 31 years that I lost hope of ever-improving years ago.  Optimal Physical Therapy’s staff shows such deep compassion for their patients.  They treat you in a considerate manner and are attentive to each patient’s needs and comfort level.  I   would tell any patient considering physical therapy here “Success”. If you come with the attitude to work for your health, practice patience and commit yourself to your individual program from Optimum Physical Therapy, you will succeed with your health goals!

Jacqueline L Lee

“Early treatment is the key to maximizing movement, managing chronic pain and recovering from surgery and injuries.”

Dr. Jennifer Jeschke PT, DPT, CMPT, MFDc

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