Workers Compensation

At Optimal Physical Therapy, we offer a team of licensed professionals who provide a variety of workers’ compensation services. Documentation and evaluations are provided using Occupro software with an easy-to-follow treatment program and return-to-work guidelines.  With our injury rehabilitation and prevention, we can help return injured workers to their previous jobs and reduce the cost of claims.

We partner with employers, case managers, payers, insurers, and physicians to deliver evidence-based early intervention when appropriate to optimize patient outcomes.

Employees don’t need to be an OSHA statistic. By achieving safety compliance and beyond, we can help you lower your premiums and get injured employees back to work faster. It’s important to educate injured workers that while there may be some pain associated with movement, it’s part of the healing process.

Our continuum of care allows us to provide the services you need, which protects employers and employees during every step of the process: Hiring, Safety, Injury, Recovery, and Closure.

Functional Capacity Evaluations

An FCE is always tailored to an employee’s specific injury or job duties. An FCE is an objective test that gives patients and employers analytical data on a patient’s recovery progress. It also shows the likelihood of a person’s ability to return to their previous job with or without restriction. This information helps employers bring people back to work with positions suitable to their ability levels.

The testing will measure physical strength, intolerances related to posture, balance, range of motion, level of fatigue, and more. The exams performed are used to evaluate their abilities in key areas, such as:

  • Ability to carry objects
  • Stamina
  • Physical strength
  • Ability to lift objects
  • Flexibility
  • Range of motion
Work Conditioning

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